Sania (サニア) is one of the Golden Delmos alongside BiancaRie Petoriyacowa and Tonia.


Sania has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears pink lipstick and has purple lines along her Golden Delmo uniform to differentiate her.


Sania and Tonia are first seen planning an assault on the K-2 Corporation Building. After planting a couple bombs, She passes by in a green convertible picking up Tonia. She later appears alongside the other Golden Delmos, having believed that Aika is deceased Sania and the Golden Delmos, prepare to finish off Aika's friends. Suddenly Aika appears in her Shivie Form, briefly scattering Sania and the rest of the Golden Delmos. Regrouping, they charge at Aika for a final battle. Sania's grenade launcher is destroyed by Shivie Aika before she is taken out for good just moments later. Without her weapon, she barely puts up a fight any more. While she is distracted watching in disbelief at Tonia's quick defeat, Aika lands in front of her and brutally punches her in the face, sending her flying several feet and leaving her out of commission. Her body lands face up, with her legs spread, skirt partially hiked up and head tilted backwards, the belt from her grenade launcher highlighting her breasts. We later get another view from right between her open legs as Bianca charges Aika.

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