Reiko and Manami are members of the White Knights. They are not ranked as highly as Kana Shiraishi or Rin Shiragiku, and appear to have the same rank as fellow White Knight Misumi.

Both girls are members of the school swim team with Kobayashi as its captain who holds a grudge against her fellow team member Misumi. After they were probed by Alien Tendrils by Miyu and E.T.A.I. due to their strength. Manami is Reiko's lackey and follows her lead. They were seen trying to defend Miyu Shiratori from being captured.


Reiko has fairly spiky reddish-brown hair tied in a ponytail off to the side of her head, while Manami has light brown hair which reaches a little past her shoulders. Both girls wear the white dress that the White Knights wear, although Reiko wears green sweatbands on her wrists.



Near the end of Episode 2, Reiko and Manami fight Aika in the chapel. They show they have good coordination and fighting skills, but were still both defeated. Initially the could hold their ground against Aika, even landing a few hits on her, but when they tried to finish her off she turned the tide on them. While Manami was holding Aika from the back for Reiko to charge her, she stepped on Manami's right foot, distracting her and freeing herself. She then managed to get a hold on both of them with her arms and legs and send them flying against the floor with a flip, which sends the camera practically up Reiko's butt. Then, while they are both still trying to recover from the hit, she hurries up to finish Manami with a neck chop, leaving her with her panty-clad buttocks in the air. Reiko, still dazzled by the impact, then tries to charge Aika, but she dodges the attack easily and grabs her by the waist, applying a pile driver. She then goes unconscious, her legs crumbling and leaving her ass directly on Aika's face.


Aftermath Edit

Both girls are later seen draped unconscious over the metal slab. Here we are given a great view of Reiko's ass, which due to the position of her body appears to be especially sticking out. It also seems evident Manami has the biggest hip of all the girls, maybe only rivaled by Kana. Both girls have their skirts hiked up all the way to the waist and beyond, and lines of drool fall from their mouths.