Miyu Shiratori (白鳥 美由 Shiratori Miyu?) is the main antagonist of AIKa Zero.


She uses students in her school to take over...something. From a wealthy family, she became very popular at her high school and became the student council president, which she renamed White Knights. She has a very close relationship with E.T.A.I., maybe even lovers. When Aika leaves her to stop the rocket, Neena Hagen, who was spying on her, knocks her out and retrieves her together with E.T.A.I., so she and her brother can examine them both.

Beginning Edit

She was the first girl probed by the aliens, while she was exploring the caves underneath her school. Despite the obvious danger, her curiosity got the best of her and she entered the dark area alone after being led there by the tendrils. In the caves she found the giant spaceship buried below the ground, but while she was watching it in amazement a tendril sneaked up on her from behind and probed her through the butt. She then screamed and collapsed with a moan, before being taken unconscious into the alien ship.

Defeat Edit

Aika leaves Miyu unattented after taking care of E.T.A.I., maybe because she no longer saw her as a threat. She seems to prove her right by not attempting to do anything, not even escaping, and just staying in the Church, contemplating E.T.A.I.'s unconscious body and lamenting her fate. There she is found by Neena Hagen, who slowly approaches her. Miyu barely reacts to Neena's presence, until she suddenly pulls out a gun on her. Miyu then seems to attempt to stand up and negotiate with her, but her efforts come too late and she is put down with a shot. The impact causes her to arch her back, making her butt stick out and sending her skirt flying upwards. She then remains motionless as her skirt falls back down into position, still unable to cover the whole of her ass, and finally crumbles down over E.T.A.I.'s body, skirt totally hiked up and ass fully exposed. Neena then retrieves her and E.T.A.I.'s unconscious bodies, and takes them to her brother.


When she got her powers from the aliens, she obtained the ability to create constructs that probe the body and mind of girls with weak wills. She has combat skills above the other White Knights but has no particularly strong resilience, as she is still weak to normal means of submission, being one-shot by Karen as any normal girl would.

Showing off her abilities.


She has an close relationship with her. She was introduced to her after her encounter with the aliens.

lamenting over her fallen lover.


She looks similar to Karen but silver hair and green eyes.

Trivia Edit

She is the only White Knight never knocked out by Aika. She gets beaten by her, but remains conscious and Aika leaves her alone in a hurry to stop the spaceship's launch. She is however taken care of later by Karen.

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