Black Delmo Leader (黒デルモリーダー) is the unnamed leader of the Black Delmo.


Black Delmo Leader is a young woman with short purple hair with curled ends. She is seen in her Black Delmo uniform.


Delmo 231

Black Delmo Leader celebrates Hagen's victory

She is first seen leading a small attack on Aika Sumeragi and Gust Turbulence, However it fails and her entire unit of Black Delmos end up defeated. She tries to apologize to Neena Hagen for her squadrons failure. However Neena brutally kicks her in between her breasts, she releases a moan while her breasts bounced up. She starts blushing and drooling her upper body falls down, causing her skirt to lift up, fully exposing her panties. Neena grabs her hair and (mercilessly) lifts her up, drops her to the shoulder and gives her butt a tight slap and calls her butt "sugar buns". Neena then sniffs and squeeze her butt. Later she and the other Black Delmo are seen being punished with spanking by White Delmo.

Delmo 266

Black Delmo Leader is taken hostage by Aika and Rion

She is seen later in Trial 4 being attacked by Aika and used as a hostage. Moments later Neena appears and transforms into her Shivie Form and proceeds to attack Aika but in the process knocks out all of the Black Delmo in the corridor, Lastly we see her helping her fellow Black Delmos escape the exploding space station. With the exception of a couple stills in the Special Trial, She does not appear at all during the second half of Agent AIKa.

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  • Despite facing Aika in combat twice, she is never actually knocked out by her.
  • Black Delmo Leader is seen in the black bunny suit during the ending of Trial 3: Takeoff Position together with Suzie, Pink Delmo Leader.

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