Aika Sumeragi (皇 藍華 Sumeragi Aika?) is the superhuman and beautiful main protagonist of Agent Aika, AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission, and AIKa Zero. She works as a salvager who works under Gozo Aida, and is the partner of Rion Aida.


Aika appears as a beautiful young woman with red lipstick, blue eyes, brown hair that she ties at the back of her head, fair white skin and rather large breasts. Her main outfit consists of a long sleeve red jacket with white at the end of the sleeves, a white collar with a green bead, her golden bustier under her jacket, a tight red skirt, red high heels, and white panties. When she activates her bustier, her appearance changes to Shivie Aika (with long blue hair, dark skin, a white bra and panties). However, she also keeps the collar and the shoes in this form. At the beginning of the first episode of Agent Aika, she wears an orange bra, and orange panties. When infiltrating the Delmo base, she wears a gray tube top, and blue panties.

In Aika R-16 Virgin Mission, she has shorter hair, which she wears down, part of her hair is braided on one side, a long-sleeved short red dress, and white thigh high stockings.

In Aika Zero, she wears a white shirt and a blue tie underneath a long-sleeve red jacket, and a black microskirt. Her hair is longer, reaching her shoulders, and worn down without a braid.


AIKa R-16: Virgin MissionEdit


Aika's license.

Aika is 16 years old in this series. She starts her job as a salvager by her foster parent. Later she goes to school and is recruited by Eri Shinkai to go on a expedition to solve the mystery of Karen Minamino's past.

AIKa ZeroEdit

Taking place three years later, Aika and her two friends continue to hang out together at a restaurant. She is later roped into another adventure by Eri Shinkai to find the missing students of their school. She carries a tranquilizer gun, and later, a submachinegun-like weapon loaded with non-lethal bullets. Here we discover that she has a special power that may have a connection with Lagu.

Agent AikaEdit

Aika Sumeragi is a salvage agent, a person who digs up submerged artifacts from the cities below. She works for a small company run by Gozo Aida, and takes on fairly dangerous jobs. In the first story, she and Gozo's daughter Rion, search for material called the Lagu.



In the original Agent Aika and AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission she had Green Eyes but in Aika Zero they are Blue

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