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• 12/31/2013

Question About Akia Series on DVD

Okay Recently I bought "Aika - Complete Collection" later I bought Aika R*16, Aika- Naked Mission, and Akia Final Battle. While at the time I didn't know that both Aika - Naked Mission(aka Part 1) and Aika - Final Battle(aka Part 2) made up the complete Series Collection. I know that Akia R*16 is a prequel, and I still have to get Aika Zero. My question lies in where does the movie Aika - Lace in space fall into the series is it included in the complete series collection or a seperate film all together. I only found it on VHS is it seem older then the others.

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• 6/10/2014
Agebt Aika comes after all other series so far.
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